twist sb's words

twist sb's words (around)
(to restate sb's words inaccurately; to misrepresent what someone has said) — извращать смысл, передергивать; переиначивать (чьи-л. слова)

You're twisting my words again. That is not what I said. — Опять ту передергиваешь. Я совсем не это сказал.

Stop twisting my words around! Listen to what I'm telling you!

She'always twisting my words. — Oна всегда искажает/переиначивает смысл того, что я говорю.

Frank Wheeler: Now you listen to me. This is one time you're not going to get away with twisting everything that I say, April. This just happens to be one goddamn time I know I'm not in the wrong here. (Mv: "Revolutionary Road", 2008

извращать смысл