turn to jelly

turn to jelly and feel/be like jelly{of legs or knees} (to suddenly feel weak because you are frightened, nervous or ill) — стать ватными, подкоситься (в выраж. ноги стали ватными, ноги подкосились) ; затрястись, задрожать (в выраж. коленки задрожали, поджилки затряслись )

If your legs or knees feel like jelly, they start to shake because you are frightened or nervous (LDOCE)

Example 1: With legs slowly turning to jelly, I skied down the steep slope. (MM)
Example 2: She couldn’t move – her head was swimming, her mouth was dry and her legs felt like jelly.
Example 3: As she knocked on the director's door, her legs turned to jelly. (CALD)

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in [butterflies in one's stomach]
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[поджилки трясутся]
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[кровь стынет в жилах]
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