turn sb's head

turn sb's head (to cause to become infatuated; ||to cause to become conceited) — вскружить голову

Example: The new teacher turned all the girls' heads. — Новый учитель вскружил голову всем девочкам. (yourdictionary.com)

Winning that prize has turned his head. — Победа вскружила ему голову. / Выигрыш вскружил ему голову. (yourdictionary.com)

Related vocabulary:
the sweet smell of success {infml} (the pleasant feeling of being successful) — головокружение от успехов, опьянение успехом
go to sb's head
a swelled/swollen head
[ударить в голову]
[вскружить голову]

swim (to experience a floating or giddy sensation; be dizzy

Example: his brain still swimming with the effects of the last night's (Robert Smith Surtees)

champagne" .

A 16th-century translator of Seneca used this phrase: “His head was turned by too great success” {Ad Lucullus, 1571}. (The American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms by Christine Ammer)