try it (on) for size

try it (on) for size
try sth (on) for size (to try something to see if it works; to test something so you can form an opinion about it; to test something or to think about an idea in order to decide whether it works or whether you can use it) — испытать что-л., попробовать; примерить на себя; посмотреть, (не) годится ли; посмотреть, насколько что-л. годится или подходит

Example 1: I don't think everyone would be happy working here, but you should try it on for size and see if it's right for you. (Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms)
Example 2: Don’t worry, I’m not going to buy this Ferrari right now. I’m just trying it on for size.
Example 3: Try that for size. It's the new software program I've been working on. (CID)
Example 4: The government is still trying some ideas on for size before committing itself to action. (CID)
Example 5: The teacher wanted to try the new method on for size before agreeing to use it.
Example 6: If you’re thinking about moving to a new town, you might take a vacation there for a week to try it on for size and see if you like it.

Вased on the literal meaning of try on sth/try sth on (=put on clothes to see if they fit and look good; to wear a piece of clothing to see if it fits properly or looks nice on a person)
“Try something on for size” can mean the same thing as to try an article of clothing on, or it can be used figuratively to mean to try something and see how it feels or works.
Related vocabulary:
[прощупать обстановку]


size up examine, see how much

size up
examine, see how much something is worth or how well it’s doing
.....I found a car I might want online. I’m going to go size it up and see if I want it or not.
.....Your first Christmas together is an important time to size up your relationship.