touch and go

touch-and-go OR touch and go (dangerous or critical;|| very uncertain, chancy) — критическое, опасное положение (когда пустяк может оказаться решающим); ≈ висеть на волоске; ≈ на волосок от чего-л. || очень неопределенная ситуация; шаткое положение (контекст)

Example 1: Things were touch-and-go at the office until a new manager was hired, but we are out of the woods now.

Example 2: Jane had a serious operation, and everything was touch-and-go for 2 days after her surgery. (NTC's)

Example 3: My uncle is still in hospital. It's touch and go whether he'll be able to come home for Christmas. — ... сейчас сложно наверняка сказать, сможет ли он приехать...

Example 4: None of the books she had read had prepared her for the exquisite, draining pain of childbirth. She was proud to have brought her son into the world naturally, though it had been touch and go during those last hours. (Public Secrets, Nora Roberts)

Example 5: Alice tried to kill herself, and everything was in an uproar. " Scarlett felt wide awake now. " What did she do? " " Drank a bottle of paregoric. It was touch and go whether she'd live or not." (Scarlett, Alexandra Ripley)

Example 6: ...she'd gone into a coma before she was brought here -- for the first week it was touch and go. Dr. Diaz got her patched up, but then we discovered she was diabetic

[критическая ситуация]