to die for

to die for {infml} (extremely good or desirable; so good that you want to have it very much; something that is very much to your liking)

Example: This rhubarb pie/ice cream is to die for!

be dying for sth
be dying to do sth {infml} (wanting to have/do something so much that you do not want to wait; extremely eager to have or do something) очень хотеть, сгорать от нетерпения; жаждать
Used to exaggerate a need or want, to emphasize that one wants to do or have something very much.
I'm dying to hear your news.
I'm dying for a cup of coffee. (MM)
We're dying to meet your new boyfriend.(MM)
he’s dying to meet you
I would die to have those shoes.
they must be dying for a drink

More example sentences
It is typical of Plazas's professionalism and realism that she is reluctant to advertise a wish list of roles she is dying to tackle.
I knew you were dying to ask me that important question.
Actually, I ran out to conduct a chair lift demonstration for our salesman M.K. and his buddies who were dying to see how the whole set-up worked.