to a T

to a T AND to a tee (perfectly) {infml} — в совершенстве, идеально, точь-в-точь; как раз, в точности; тютелька в тютельку

Used to say that sth is exactly right for sb, succeeds in doing sth in exactly the right way, etc.

Example 1: That dress suits you to a T.

Example 2: His new job suits him to a T.

Example 3: The novel captures the feeling of the pre-war period to a T. (OALD)

Example 4: "An American Crime" is a period piece set in the mid-60s, and the costumes, sets, and palette of colors effectively evoke that era to a T.

Example 4: This describes my father-in-law to a T! He also has no boundaries whatsoever and when I try to put them in place he crosses them with no problem.

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