tie up loose ends

tie up loose ends (to deal with the minor consequences of a previous action; to tidy up, finish, or complete; finish a project, complete the last few details that need to be finished or explained in order for sth to be complete) —доделывать, хвостики доделать; кое-что доделать; совсем немного осталось

Example 1: Are you leaving soon? -I've just got to tie up one or two loose ends , then I'll be on my way. -- .. оталось еще кое-какие мелочи доделать.

Example 2: I am coming home immediately after I am done here. I have some loose ends to tie up at the office before I can leave and that should take about twenty minutes. Then, I will come home.

Example 3: The job's nearly done. I'm just tying up one or two loose ends at the moment.

Example 4: "Have you finished the survey?" "Just about. I have to tie up some loose ends and print the report."(WM)

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