throw one's weight about

throw one's weight about/around (to act as if you have a lot of power or authority; to behave in a way which shows that you are more important or powerful than other people ) — держаться по-хозяйски; держаться заносчиво, развязно, высокомерно; командовать, распоряжаться; ~ права качать (контекст.)

Example 1: She was here the other day, throwing her weight about as if she owned the firm. — Она была здесь на днях и держалась так заносчиво, можно было подумать, что это её фирма.
Example 2: His teammates didn’t appreciate how he threw his weight around. (CACD)

— Vivi
I think that 'throw one's weight about' is roughly approximate to the Russian 'самодурствовать', bcs it can be inferred from the explanation that a person who throws his/her weight about has a certain degree of drag/pull and uses the influence in a wrong way.

'Он самодур' — 'He throws his weight a lot. '

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