thrilled to bits

be thrilled to bits (with / about sth) AND be thrilled to pieces (to be very pleased and excited about something) — очень радоваться, быть в восторге, быть очень довольным

Example 1: Lisa was thrilled to bits when she was offered a higher paid job.

Example 2: I'm absolutely thrilled to bits to be Leo's best man. I've never been asked before. (SS)

Example 3: Clair is thrilled to bits that the cat has been found. Penny means so much to her.

Example 4: We're thrilled to bits with the new look of the website. The designer's doing a fantastic job. (SS)

Example 5: I applied for the post and was interviewed by the headmaster, a man of about my own age who was "mad on Puccini", and consequently thrilled to bits when I recognized "Nessun Dorma" from Turandot which he insisted on singing to me. (Michael Falk, "Part of the furniture", 1991)

"Hey, less of the tourists! I've lived here longer than you. But seriously, I'm very happy that you're staying. The only problem is — Francisco and I are buying this villa from Mum and Dad. We're going to live here for good, Shelley. When we fix a date, we'd like you to be bridesmaid." Shelley looked at the happy faces of her companions, and knew they wanted to be alone, however sweet they were being. "What marvellous news. I'm thrilled to bits. And I know what you're saying, Rosie — I'm going to have to find new digs. No problem — I'd love to live in Santa Barbara." She laughed. "The only thing will be getting used to no air-conditioning, but I think I can live with that. I'll start looking out for somewhere to live next time I go down. I quite fancy a cottage near the town square — handy for work." ( Jenny Ashe, Surrey Richmond, "Sweet deceiver")

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