the world is my oyster

The world is your/my oyster – все дороги открыты

That expression is used quite commonly to mean that we have lots of opportunities which we can take advantage of as we will (The oyster is the sea creature from which we get pearls) The world is compared to an oyster from which we can get something very valuable. So we might hear the expression in conversation like this:

I’m fed up with studying. If things don’t go better I’m going to give it up. Drop out. – What nonsense. Now you listen to me. You’ve only got one year more to do. Then you’ll have your qualification and after that the world is your oyster (получишь специальность – и весь мир к твоим услугам/перед тобой все пути/дороги открыты)

if the world is your oyster, you have the ability and the freedom to do anything or go anywhere

You're young and healthy and you've got no commitments, so the world is your oyster. - Когда ты молод и полон сил и здоровья, мир лежит у твоих ног. (CID)

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