The stars aligned

The stars aligned.
The stars aligned nicely.
(When the stars align, everything comes together in a positive way) —
звезды удачно расположились, звезды удачно сложились, судьба благоприятствовала, звезды благоприятствовали; ~ (кому-л.) очень повезло

When talking about your own life you might say My stars aligned (and I found a great job right after I graduated from college), or if you’re talking about someone else you can say Her stars aligned (she found a great job right after she graduated from college). (EB)

Example: I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to to take a vacation this year but fortunately, the stars aligned. (EB)

Example: I hope the stars align for my husband and me this year and I’m able to get pregnant. (EB)

Related vocabulary:
If something great happens to you, you might also say it was written in the stars (написано на небесах; предначертано судьбой).

And you might want to thank your lucky stars (благодарить свою счастливую звезду) for your good fortune. (EB)