that does it!

That does it! (= I cannot bear it any more!; I am now going to take some action; a spoken expression used for saying that someone or something that has been annoying you has finally made you so angry that you will do something) — Ну все, хватит! Это уже ни в какие ворота не лезет! Это уже слишком! Это уже чересчур!

Example 1: That does it, Janet! One more word from you, and you can leave the room immediately!

Example 2: That does it! You’ve been rude so many times tonight that I’m sending you straight up to bed.

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much/way too much
[over the odds]
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[overkill] adj.
[OTT] (over the top)
[ни в какие ворота не лезет]