talk rot

talk rot (to say silly things; talk nonsense) — чушь, нести вздор / ерунду /чепуху, молоть ахинею

Example 1: He's talking rot when he says that our company is almost bankrupt. (8000)

Example 2: The discussion was beginning to horrify me. "By no means, " he said hastily."I didn't do it." "Then why have you come here philosophizing?" I said, suddenly angry. I felt myself growing rigid and blushing. "You're talking rot and you know it. If you have something specific to say about this matter, go to the police." "How do you know that the murderer didn't do her a service?" "Are you still on that? People love their burden," I said. "Don't they say that evil must come, but woe to him by whose hand it comes? Go to the police."(Review of Contemporary Fiction)

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