take the lid off sth

lift/take the lid off sth {Of is usually retained before pronouns.} (to reveal a set of previously concealed problems) — сорвать завесу, покровы с чего-л.; разворошить что-л.

Example: He wrote a series of articles lifting the lid off the bank affairs. — Он написал цикл статей, сорвавших покровы с банковских махинаций.

Related vocabulary:
shed light on
keep a lid on sth — не ворошить; скрывать; не распространяться о чем-л., не предавать гласности ....

Example: ’Good. Let’s keep a lid on this, Littlemore. Don’t want to cause a panic. Tell you what: Just leave it to me. I’ll make sure the right people find out.’—’Got you, Mr Fall. Keep a lid on it. But somebody better talk to Mr Lamont right away.’—’Don’t you worry, son - I’ll talk to him.’ (Jed Rubenfeld, "The Death Instinct")

Example 2:...Lending would freeze. Factories would shut down.
The entire economy would stop. What would happen next is anyone’s guess. Possibly the states would revert to their former condition of autonomy.’
’I see why you want to лeep a lid on the robbery, Mr Houston.’
’My point exactly. Here we are - this will be your office, Littlemore. Small, but you have your own telephone and access to all files of course. Here’s the key to your desk. In it you’ll find documents concerning the transfer of the gold from the Sub-Treasury in Manhattan to the Assay Office next door - how the bridge was built, who was involved, how it was planned, and so on. It’s for you alone. Understood?’
(Jed Rubenfeld, "The Death Instinct")
’Yes, sir,’ said Littlemore.