take the flak

flak (complaints; (severe) criticism; negative feedback) — критика; недовольство (=критика); нападки, нарекания; шишки, наезды

Example 1: Most of the flak was directed at the umpire.
Example 2: We're going to be in for a lot of flak.

get / take / catch / receive (the) flak (for/about sth/from sb) {informal} (get strongly opposed or heavily criticized; to receive strong criticism)

Examples from englishbaby.com

.....I got a lot of flak from my parents for failing biology last semester.
.....He does whatever he wants and doesn’t mind if he has to take flak for it later.
.....I wish you wouldn’t give me so much flak about my tattoo.
.....I can’t miss another class or I’ll get flak from my teacher.

Flak is WW II airman's slang for shells being fired at you in the air, so to catch a lot of flak is to feel in danger of being shot down. (Common Errors in English by Paul Brians)
When American soldiers got fired on in the air by German planes, they called it getting flak. Later, the expression evolved to mean receive a lot of criticism. Just think of the negative things people say about you as bullets or shells being fired at you. That’s what it means to get flak. (englishbaby.com)