take the biscuit

sth (really) takes the biscuit (BrE) — это предел; ни в какие ворота не лезет; дальше некуда; переходит всякие границы; ~нет слов

MEANING: You say that something or someone (really) takes the biscuit when they have done something that you find particularly annoying or surprising, shocking, even amazing; If something takes the biscuit, it is the absolute limit.

1. He's done some stupid things before but this really takes the biscuit. — Он и раньше глупости делал, но эта (просто) ни в какие ворота не лезет; нет слов, др.

2. Did you notice what time that new trainee came in the morning? 9.30. And then he made personal calls from the office all morning. Then he went to lunch at half past twelve. Well, we've had SOME people here before but he really takes the biscuit / his behaviour takes the biscuit. — Заметил, когда наш практикант пришел утром? ... Да, были у нас, конечно, работнички еще те, но этотпросто переходит всякие границы; его поведение просто ни в какие ворота не лезет.

You may wonder where this expression comes from. It comes from a custom of giving a cake as a prize in a competition. Something is so shocking that it deserves a prize

[ни в какие вотора не лезет]