take sth out on sb

take it out on somebody
(to express negative feelings by behaving badly toward someone who is not responsible; pass on frustration, do something mean to others because a person is in a bad mood) — вымещать зло (или какое-л. негативное чувство) на другом; отыгрываться, срывать злобу на ком-л.

Example 1: The coach had a bad day and took it out on his players by giving them a hard work out.

Example 2: I was so insecure, and I didn’t even realize it, so I would take it out on someone else.
Example 3: I know you're angry at your parents, but don't take it out on the me. — Я понимаю, что ты очень зол на родителей, но не вымещай свою злость на мне.

take something out on somebody -->
take out one's aggression / insecurity on sb
— вымещать агрессию/комплексы/зло/недовольство/etc

Example 1: These socially deprived people need to let off steam, and so they take out their aggression on the environment.

Example 2: I'm tired of other people taking out their insecurity on me. — Мне надоело, что люди постоянно вымещают свои комплексы на мне.

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