take sb to the cleaner's

take sb to the cleaner's (to cheat someone of money; to steal all of sb’s money, etc., or to get it using a trick || to defeat sb completely) — обчистить; обобрать до нитки; обобрать подчистую; ободрать как липку; по миру пустить; оставить без гроша || раскритиковать; разнести; обыграть, обсчитать, обставить;

clean sb out {infml} (to steal everything from a place, or all of someone's possessions) ) — обнести, обчистить

Example 1: Don't you know we fell out for good? I wanted to take him to the cleaners, I wanted to sue the pants off that guy!

Example 2: The lawyers that I dealt with took me to the cleaners.

Example 3: He had also told me that his previous wife had really taken him to the cleaners, and that's why he didn't like credit cards.

usually used in the context of a scam, or gambling. divorce