take one's mind off things

take / keep / get one's mind off sth
take / keep / get one's mind off of sth
(to stop you thinking about things that worry you) — отвлечься (от неприятностей); развеяться ; снять напряжение, ~ расслабиться; переключиться

take sb's mind off sth — отвлечь кого-л (от пробем, неприятных мыслей)

Example 1: At least the knee pain took his mind off of his constant backache.

Example 2: You need to find a nice girl to help keep your mind off of your work.

Example 3: Some people read a book or watch a movie as a way to get their mind off of their problems. — Некоторые читают книгу или смотрят фильм, чтобы отвлечься от своих проблем.

Example 4: "She's got four kids, she's married to the prime minister, she's a top lawyer, and there's rather a lot of things going on at the moment," says Cummings. "At the very least it will take her mind off things a bit. — По крайней мере это (акупунктура) позволит ей развеяться хотя бы самую малость; отвлечься немного.

Example 5: Virginia visits Winnie several times a week to talk aimlessly to her, to take her mind off things, off the accident that Winnie's husband had three months ago. The Hermitite, Sloan, Kay

shrug it off (ignore something unpleasant)— не брать в голову, не замечать (что-л. непритяное)

Example: When something bad happens, I try to shrug it off and not let it bother me.
Example: Many people wish they could just shrug things off all the time, but it’s easier said than done. You can act as if everything is okay, but you might still feel bad. You might tell everyone you’re fine, even if you are hurting inside. To genuinely shrug something off, you must be a really relaxed person, or at least a person who doesn’t take things too seriously. (englishbaby.com)