swear like a trooper

swear like a trooper (to swear a lot {A trooper is a soldier with a low rank.}) ≈материться (ругаться) на чём свет стоит, ругаться как извозчик

Example 1: He came in drunk and swearing like a trooper.

Example 2: She is prone to tantrums. She does yell and scream. I mean, I've put in the book many of the occasions when people would like cover their ears, where she would be swearing like a trooper at Charles and he would, in the end, take no notice of it, walk away from it. (ABC 2020)

Example 3: He is a tall, corpulent Muscovite with smooth, dark hair. He is fed up with life in Moscow. He swears like a trooper, not because he lacks the vocabulary of polite society, but because he thinks obscenities are witty. He is one of those among the Soviet intelligentsia who "love spice." An ordinary woman does not arouse him. He seeks vice. (Succes d'Estime)

swear like a bargee / like a fishwife / like a sailor / like a truck driver

Example 1: In the book, you write about your drinking, your smoking, your swearing like a sailor. Now, you did not have to put that in. (ABC 2020)

Related vocabulary:

foul {of language} (including rude words and swearing)

...foul language;
...I'm sick of her foul mouth (= habit of swearing). (OALD)
...He called her the foulest names imaginable. (OALD)
He swore foully . (OALD)