suit yourself

suit yourself (used to tell someone they can do whatever they want to, even though it annoys you or you think they are not doing the right thing){spoken} — делай (поступай) как хочешь, как удобно, как нравится, как знаешь

suit oneself (do as one pleases, be self-indulgent, pamper oneself) — действовать в соответствии со своими желаниями

Example 1: I wouldn't walk around that neighborhood at night, but if you really want to, suit yourself.

Example 2: 'Mind if I sit here?' he said gently. 'Suit yourself' (LDOCE).

Example 3: A visitor or resident may move a small table to suit themselves - it could mean a broken hip for another resident (LDOCE).

see also
[do as you see fit]
[whatever floats your boat]
[according to one's own lights]
[at will]
Have it your way;
As you wish

it's up to you to decide


please yourself - то же самое

please yourself - то же самое значение

"I don't think I'll go." "OK, please yourself." - "Я не думаю, что я пойду." "Хорошо, делай что хочешь"