sugar the pill

sugar the pill and sugarcoat the pill (make sth unpleasant seem more appealing or pleasant) — подсластить пилюлю; приукрасить, приукрашивать; лакировать

Example 1: ...a sentimental treatment that sugarcoats a harsh reality.

Example 2: Mom always tries to sugarcoat bad news and put a positive spin on it. (EB)

Example 3: The mayor did not sugarcoat the reality of the tax cuts (TH)

Don’t sugar coat it. / Don’t sugarcoat it.
An older man is at the doctor’s and has just received a physical. He tells the doctor when the doctor is taking a long time to review his results.

Example 1: ‘Give it to me straight, Doc. Don’t sugar coat it.’ — Доктор, скажите мне все, как есть. (M)

Example 2: If you’re going to break up with me, don’t sugarcoat it. Just be honest. (EB)