stuff one's face

stuff one's face (with) (eat a lot of something) — есть в больших количествах; наедаться; набивать брюхо

Example 1: Dolphins, whales, seals, birds and other innocent animals are being sacrificed so someone can sit at home and stuff their faces with smelly tuna.

Example 2: Fat people are fat because they're pigs, because they sit there and stuff their face all day, and because they're obsessed with -- with -- with food. (Midnight come again)

Example 3: But then it gets so depressing to talk about it that we just go and stuff our faces with pizza or turn on the music or rent a video or get stoned.... But it's all still there. It doesn't go away just because we're spacing it out. (Crying for the Manatees)

Example 4: When I wake up, Mommy is making pancakes. She flips them high in the air and sings, "Who wants hot, golden circles?" "I do! I do!" I say. Mommy raises the shade in the kitchen. "A great big yellow ball rolled in to see you, Annie." My mommy speaks very fast. She nibbles a pancake and sips black coffee while I stuff my face. "Annie, are those golden circles yummalicious? " she asks. "Super yummalicious!" I say. When I finish breakfast, Mommy helps me to put on my clothes. "Beautastic!" she says when I am dressed all in purple. She gives me a kiss and a big smile. (Sometimes my mommy gets angry)

ready to explode

Example 1: I enjoy stuffing myself till I feel ready to explode. I overeat almost everyday till it hurts. Then I let it settle and let the pain fade then get really hungry and eat more. That is probably why my belly is so huge. I love it though. (Stories from I Eat Till It Hurts)

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