stick it out

stick it out (stay until the end; see something through; to persist or continue doing something, endure something) — продержаться, выдерживать, выстоять; (по контексту возможны вар-ты: высидеть, досидеть до конца; дотеперпеть, дослушать)

Example 1: We're going through a tough time in our marriage, but we're going to try to stick it out because we don't want to divorce. (EB)

Example 2: Plenty of people begin the training, but few stick it out for the year or two necessary to become proficient

Example 3: I know you don't like it but you have to stick out the job for another month. (

Example 4: His new play's boring, but since he's my cousin we'd better stick it out. (

Related vocabulary:
soldier on (to continue doing something although it is difficult)

Example 1: I admired the way she soldiered on when her business ran into trouble.
Example 2: You're the one who will hang in the portrait gallery looking forever as if you've had a bad night's sleep and you're slightly constipated but trying to soldier on. (

hold on tight
press on/ahead (with sth)

[bite the bullet]
[терпи, казак, атаман будешь!]