stew in one's juice

stew in one's (own) juice ((to be left alone) to suffer one's anger, disappointment, or the consequences of one's actions) — самому искать выход из создавшегося по собственной вине положения; расхлебывать последствия собственной неосмотрительности; ≅ расхлебывать кашу, которую сам заварил; ≅ выкручиваться из создавшегося (по собственной вине) положения; ≅ хорошенько подумать

Не смешивать с русск. вариться в собственном соку

Example 1: He's run into debt again, but this time we're leaving him to stew in his own juice. — Он снова залез в долги, но на этот раз пусть сам расхлебывает (эту кашу) / пусть теперь сам выкручивается как знает / пусть сам подумает, как из этого положения выкручиваться. (The American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms by Christine Ammer)

Example 2: John has such a terrible temper. When he got mad at us, we just let him go away and stew in his own juice. <...> After John stewed in his own juice for a while, he decided to come back and apologize to us. (

leave sb to stew AND let sb stew (leave someone to worry about something bad that has happened or something stupid they have done)

Example 1: I could have said a few comforting words and made him feel better but I thought I'd let him stew a while instead.

Example 2: She'll calm down - just leave her to stew in her own juices for a bit. (Cambridge Idioms Dictionary)

Related vocabulary:
расхлебывать кашу

фр. cuire dans son jus
This metaphoric term alludes to cooking something in its own liquid. Versions of it, such as fry in one's own grease, date from Chaucer's time, but the present term dates from the second half of the 1800s. (The American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms by Christine Ammer)