step up to the plate

step up to the plate (to take action; to do one's best; to volunteer; to move into a position where one is ready to do a task; accept a responsibility or challenge) — взять на себя ответственность; начать действовать; ~ принять огонь на себя (контекст.); шире: что-то сделать, совершить что-л. (смелое, решительное, ответственное)

Example 1: My friends always step up to the plate and support me whenever I'm going through a hard time. ~ Всякий раз, когда у меня трудности, мои друзья с готовностью приходят мне на помощь, поддерживают меня.

Example 2: Thanks for stepping up to the plate yesterday. You’re always there for me when I need you. ~ Спасибо, что не побоялся выступить в мою поддержку, поддержать меня вчера. Ты настоящий друг.

Example 3: It is time companies stepped up to the plate and made sure the meat they sell is safe to eat.

Example 4: “The brutal reality is that a third runway at Heathrow will only buy London time ,” said Matthias Hamm, a director of Thames Reach airport. “Ultimately, the government has got to step up to the plate and find an alternative long-term solution.” — <...> В конечном итоге, правительсвту придется взять на себя ответственность и найти долгосрочное решение.

Also step up (be responsible, do the right thing)

Example 1: When Ron and Kim's mom died their dad really stepped up and took care of the kids.

Вased on the baseball meaning of step up to the plate (move into position to hit the ball) In baseball, when a player steps up to the plate, he gets into position to hit the ball. The plate in this case is home plate. When it’s his turn to swing, a player will stand on home plate, raise his bat, and wait for the pitcher to throw him the ball. Hopefully, he’ll score a point by hitting a home run, or at least make it to first base.

But you don’t have to be a baseball player to step up to the plate. Whenever you take on a responsibility or meet a challenge, you’re stepping up to the plate. (EB)