stand up for sb

stand up for sb / sth AND stick up for sb / sth (to take the side of , to side with, to defend or support sb / sth); to support or defend someone/yourself/something — отстаивать, защищать; постоять за кого-л.

Example 1: Stick up for what you believe..
Paul always stands up for what he thinks is right — Отстаивать свои убеждения, свою позицию

Example 2: She taught her children to stick up for themselves at school.. — ... уметь постоять за себя в школе.

Example 3: "I hope you will stand up for me if the going gets rough." "Don't worry—I'll stick up for you."

Example 4: You will have to stand up for your rights someday.
Sometimes you have to stand up for your rights.

Example 5: Ginny has learned to stick up for her family. (The American Heritage)

stand up for oneself — постоять за себя, свои права, свои интересы; защищаться; не давать себя в обиду

Example 1: Don't be such a wuss! Stand up for your rights. — Не будь таким рохлей! Не давай себя в обиду.

Example 2: Officer! You arresting me for what exactly? He started it! I'm not allowed to stand up for myself?

Example 3: Why do you allow him walk all over you like that? Go there and stand up for yourself!

Related vocabulary:
make a stand for sb/sth in
[make a stand]
[hold one's own]
[stay the course]
[stick to one's guns]
[стоять на своём]
[give a good account of oneself]

keep oneself on track — не сворачивать с намеченного пути

look out for number one AND take care of number one
(see to one's own best interests)

stand for sth (believe that sth is important) — отстаивать (позиции, принципы), придерживаться (каких-л. принципов, взглядов); выражать, исповедовать

Example: I hate them and everything they stand for.