spring in one's step

a spring in one's step
(enthusiasm, energy or a positive outlook or cheerful attitude) — энтузиазм, энергия,

Example: As he walked into the office that morning, there was a spring in his step. (LDOCE)

with a spring in one's step (...) — бодро, энергично; с энтузиазмом
If you walk with a spring in your step, you move quickly and happily (упругой, пружинистой походкой; бодро, энергично)

Example 1: ....
Example 2: After her promotion, she carried out her new position with a spring in her step and a contagious smile.
Example 3: take the time to give your kids a good long cuddle in the morning, sing some silly songs to them or joke around over breakfast before you all get on with your day. Not only is it a much more pleasurable way to start the day, your kids are much more likely to be co-operative and walk out the front door with a spring in their step, rather than dragging their heels.

put a spring in one's step (make a person excited; bring happiness or joy) — ~ окрылять, воодушевлять, бодрить; вселять уверенность, бодрость, радость

Example 1: Dating Jeff has put a spring in Theresa’s step. You can tell they’re in love. (englishbaby.com)
Example 2: Morning jogs along the sea wall will put a spring into your step.
Example 3: Life is for living, for finding that extra bit of (legitimate!) passion that puts a spring into your step.
Example 4: The Beat Burberry perfume - a fragrance for women. Fresh and very uplifting, puts a spring into your step! It's unique and gets noticed, can be worn easily but I love it in the spring the most! The tea note in this is perfection, and the citrus is there but not loud and in your face!