spell it out

spell something out for somebody (explain something in great detail) — разжевать (=объяснить); ~ разложить по полочкам (контекст); выразить свою мысль ясно, четко, прямо; высказаться без обиняков; расставить все точки над «i»

Example 1: She won't understand you unless you spell everything out for her. — Она же ничего не понимает, пока ей все не разжуешь

Example 2: Students have been given a fact sheet that spells out how AIDS is transferred. (Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms) — Студентам выдали распечатку, в которой четко и подробкно объяснено, каким образом передается СПИД.

Example 3: The company has a very strict dress code, and they spell it out for you when you start working there. (Cambridge Dictionary of American Idioms)

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in words of one syllable (in

in words of one syllable
(in simple language avoiding long, difficult, or specialized words; using very simple language; expressed plainly) -- простыми словами
~ (обяснить) на пальцах
If you say that you are going to tell someone something in words of one syllable, you mean that you are going to say it as simply and clearly as possible.

Examples: ... Could you explain to me in words of one syllable how an electron microscope works? (СALD)
... Surely there should be a book somewhere explaining all this stuff in words of one syllable for otherwise intelligent adults like me.

You often use this expression to suggest that the other person is stupid or slow to understand something.

...I'm sure I don't have to spell things out in words of one syllable to you.