sink one's differences

sink one's differences BrE (to agree to stop arguing and forget about your disagreements, esp. in order to unite and oppose someone else) — примириться, помириться; положить конец разногласиям, забыть о разногласиях

Example 1: Nations must sink their differences to achieve greater security. (MM)

Example 2: Remember, whether rich or poor … you are all Britons in the first place … If you are divided among yourselves you are doing harm to your country. You must sink your differences. We have got, each one of us, to take our place as we find it in this world and make the best of it, and pull together with the others around us. Don't think of yourself, but think of your country and your employers. Self-sacrifice pays all round. (BC)

Example 2: The final say in such an administration would rest with the President who is obliged, within the framework of a fourth mandate, to call upon all three party leaders to sink their differences and create a tri-party administration. (BC)

Example 3: In August 1717 Alberoni began trying to persuade Charles XII of Sweden and Czar peter the Great of Russia to sink their differences in return for a present of £100,000 from the Pretender, to pay for their armies to restore him to his throne. (Norman Longmate, "Island fortress", 1991)

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