silver bullet

a silver bullet (a simpe or quick remedy for/solution to a thorny / difficult / intractable or long-standing problem; something that acts as a magical weapon; especially one that instantly solves a long-standing problem; a simple remedy for a difficult or intractable problem||the perfect drug to cure a disease with no danger of side effects) — простое или быстрое решение (трудной, затяжной проблемы); единственно верное, единственно правильное или универсальное средство решения как-л. сложной или застарелой пробемы; || панацея; волшебное средство
Often used with a connotation of being too good to believe. Mostly used in the negative , as in (there is) no silver bullet (for problem X ) .

no (single) silver bullet — нет универсального средства; нет такой "серебряной пули", которая разом покончит с чем-л; нет быстрого решения, нет простого решения
~ одним махом проблему не решить

Example 1: There is no single silver bullet or panacea that will solve all the problems of education.
Example 2: There was no "silver bullet," or simple solution, that could have prevented the attacks. No silver bullet can make the world safe from terrorism.
Example 3: ...

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ETYMOLOGY: From the belief that werewolves, witches or other monsters could be killed with silver bullets.
The term was first used in this (panacea) sense by Paul Ehrlich (1854-1915) to describe the anti-syphilis drug salvarsan that he created. Neither salvarsan nor any other drug has yet proved to be a real silver bullet.