sight for sore eyes

be a sight for sore eyes (if someone or something is a sight for sore eyes, you feel happy to see them)
— приятное зрелище, сердцу отрада (особ. о желанном госте);
≅ как бальзам на душу; ≅ душа радуется, сердце радуется (при виде чего--л./кого-л.); как приятно /здорово увидеть кого-л./что-л.

Example: A cup of coffee - that's a sight for sore eyes. — О, чашка кофе — это как бальзам на душу/ это так кстати.

Example: This can of beer is a sight for sore eyes! — У меня сердце радуется при виде этой банки пива.

Выражение a sight for sore eyes создано Дж. Свифтом: Lady Smart (to Lord Sparkish):
"My Lord Methinks the Sight of you Is good for sore Eyes..." (J. Swift, ‘Polite Conversation’, ‘Dialogue I’) — Леди Смарт (лорду Спаркишу): "Милорд, ваш приход — бальзам для души..."

music to sb's ears (something (sonds/news/etc) that someone is pleased to hear)
If you say that something is music to your ears, you mean that it makes you feel very happy when you hear it, for example because you have been hoping or waiting to hear it for a long time.

Examples from Collins COBUILD Idioms Dictionary:
.....Old Judge Lebrun's words were music to the ears of a twenty-nine-year-old lawyer who had just won the first important case she had ever pleaded as leading barrister.
.....'There'll be another big bonus in it for you.' 'Music to my ears.'