set store by

set / put / lay (great / much) store by / on sth (to believe that something is very important or valuable; to have positive expectations or high hopes for someone or something) — высоко ценить кого-л. или что-л.; придавать большое значение чему-л.; возлагать большие надежды на кого-л. или что-л.

Example 1: She's never set much store by money / possessions / fame.

Example 2: I set great store by my computer and its ability to help me in my work. (

Example 3: What would happen if this relationship that she set so much store by ended? (CID)

Example 4: I've always set great store by his opinion.

It was not yet eight in the morning. Bridget had mastered the habit of arriving early, because she knew Malcolm would trudge up the stairs and see her settled at her desk. Malcolm set great store by such habits — early arrival, crisp dressing, neat workspace-the whole Andrew Carnegie rigmarole. Malcolm noticed, kept track, never forgot. (Joan Frank, "Betting on Men")

An orphan since he had turned fifteen, he was raised in Spain by two maiden aunts, who set great store by his good looks. He was six feet tall, tan-skinned and dark-haired, and had eyes so blue they made you want to sail out to sea every time you looked at them. (Rosario Ferré, "The house on the lagoon")

Related vocabulary:
set much by sb / sth
attach importance / significance /value / weight to sth (to think that something is important or true and that it should be considered seriously)
put / place / set a (high) premium on sb/sth =>
[at a premium]
in high value

set little store by sb