serve one's full sentence

serve one's full sentence — отсидеть от звонка до звонка; отсидеть весь срок; отсидеть полный срок заключения (не попав под амнистию или удо)

Example 1: He did not, however, serve his full sentence. Because of his physical suffering and his army service, the governor pardoned him.

Example 2: Prisoners should not be let out of jail before they serve their full sentence it has been recommended. The Sentencing Commission today said it wants to see sentences that mean what they say with a minimum time spent behind bars. (Evening Times ; January 23, 2006)

Example 2: Murder is a crime that is abhorrent to all right-thinking people. The community expects murderers to serve their full sentence. (Murderers Will Serve their Full Time, Dr Chris Burns ATTORNEY-GENERAL)

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