scramble sb's brains

My thoughts are scrambled — в голове все перепуталось; ум за разум заходит; ничего не соображаю

scramble sb's brains (to make someone unable to think clearly or reasonably; to confuse sb’s thoughts, ideas, etc. so that they have no order) — помутить разум; ...

If your mind is scrambled, it means your thoughts are really chaotic and unorganized.

Example 1: Alcohol seemes to have scrambled his brain.= Maybe the alcohol has scrambled his brains.

Example 2: My thoughts are all scrambled, what am I supposed to be doing?

[каша в голове]
[at wits' end]
not thinking straight
[boggle the mind]
[мозговой затор]
[голова идёт кругом]
[уму не постижимо]


Google такого оборота не

Google такого оборота не знает :(

Это смотря какой Google:)) Вы

Это смотря какой Google:))
Вы думаете, я сама создаю эти выражения? Где-то вижу, где-то слышу, гуглем тоже пользуюсь, хотя каким-то, видимо, другим:((
Мой -- знает, и весьма неплохо: 60 100 hits только на thoughts, без mind/brain. Об этом чуть ниже. Cначала процитирую статью, из которой взят пример и определение :

...But besides scrambling around to get stuff done, you can use scramble to talk about minds or thoughts too. If your mind is scrambled, it means your thoughts are really chaotic and unorganized. So go ahead and USE it!

“I have been scrambling around at work trying to finish my projects. My thoughts are all scramble, what am I supposed to be doing?”

Grammar Point
You might hear people on TV shows about the military use scramble when they’re talking about radios. Criminals can scramble signals. They make the radio signal unorganized, so that people can’t understand it. To learn more about scrambling, see here

Статью чуть видоизменю, выведя в заголовок словарную идиому )


Теперь к моему Гуглю:
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Некоторые примеры:

And just as quickly and deliberately as it came up it walked away. My thoughts felt scrambled. I did not expect this. Did he leave because there were no does or other deer. Or because he had seen me or the camera? And is he gonna be back? (by Robert Hoague)

Many times we watch games being played, or have been on court and cannot phathom what is going on. We know our mind is in a termoil, our thoughts are scrambled, our game is losing its edge, mistakes creep in, anger surfaces, doubt enters our mind, confidence in our ability is tested, apprehension, panic, tiredness, want to give in, wish the opponent would go away, look to blame whatever and whoever is within our space. This is when you are actually fighting with yourself.

...Anyways, sorry if my thoughts come off scrambled. I'm off to school now, and I found it a bit difficult to say exactly what I meant. ...

...There's hardly a West End cast more alive than the same ensemble in "Black Comedy," a seeming caprice whose meaning spins out in so many directions that your thoughts may feel as scrambled as the pop art of the era sent up in Robert Jones' period-perfect design (not to mention Chancellor's costume).The Real Inspector Hound/Black Comedy Review

...Other times mum obviously wants to communicate, but can’t. Sometimes this frustrates her. Other times she seems sadly resigned. Could a Fairy Godmother reveal mum’s thoughts? This assumes mum has thoughts to reveal. Does she? Or are her thoughts as scrambled as her expression of them? I don’t suppose I’ll ever know.

...As a result, Austin's left arm and leg were paralyzed, and his thoughts were scrambled. Almost immediately, he began to have therapy to help him walk, ...

...She was still out of breath while my thoughts were scrambled all over. Since New York is never a boring town, we left as soon as the fire trucks arrived, as the bus arrived at just the right time. We hopped on board and tried to process all that. The bus drove through Central Park, but I feel like I missed some of the sights because we kept replaying the crash in our heads.

...These athletes are rarely emotionally disturbed (until after their fifth major choke!). Rather, they are responding naturally to a highly unnatural situation. It's not easy to stare at a major victory (or defeat) for the first time, and calmly ignore it. Thoughts become scrambled, muscles tighten, and the heart pounds, and the ball keeps flying into the net. Meanwhile, the opponent with nothing to lose just plays tennis and finds himself a happy 6-4 winner.

...My childhood was a typical story of suburban upbringing in America. Her parents had remained together; mine apart, for the best in both cases, I think.<...>. My thoughts being sufficiently scrambled by my soul's recent arrival, Jack Daniels, and well-arranged cleavage; I took an embarrassingly

...My thoughts are scrambled on this one and I keep going round in circles...

First an apology, my thoughts are scrambled and I will go off on tangents.

Schizophrenia defines a group of disorders that cause distorted thought and perception. Thoughts seem scrambled or suddenly jump from one subject to an unrelated subject.(The University of Texas Harris County Psychiatric Center at Houston)

His moods are unpredictable and his thoughts hopelessly scrambled.( Telegraph/UK )

I'd gone home from work with what I thought was a migraine headache, but shortly after I lay down in bed my thoughts became scrambled and I felt like I was trying to move my arms through quicksand. I tried to speak out loud and couldn't. I had enough brain power to determine that I was oriented to self and place, but I stumbled on the year...I told my PCP about it the next day, but he didn't put much stock in my self-diagnosis, only said he thought I'd had an 'atypical' migraine. Maybe I did; at any rate, I'll probably never know for sure because he didn't order a CT or MRI. All I know is, if I saw the symptoms I experienced in another person, I'd have been on the phone to EMS in a New York minute.

...Penny's body reacts automatically to all this uproar - her heart rate and blood pressure increase, her breathing gets shallower, glands emit hormones, some throat, stomach, and back muscles contract, part of her skin sweats, and her thinking "feels scrambled.". Some of these somatic responses upset her subselves too.
Does this seem realistic to you? Think of the last time you began to have a disagreement with your partner (or anyone). Did your thoughts "feel scrambled"? Do you think your mate felt that? Notice a major implication: if there are three, five, or twelve people involved in some "situation" (say a normal family dinner), the number of subselves reacting to each other internally and mutually becomes mind-boggling.

...too bad this caller wasn't able to speak the facts and his thoughts in an orderly fashion......It was obvious where the caller was going, but I think his thoughts got scrambled after he realized who he was on the phone with...... I mean.... come on.... John Gibson and Angry Rich? Puh-leez!

...But on live television my thoughts got all scrambled and I mistakenly said that ...

...Thoughts are sometimes scrambled in his sentences, as in "Put food on your family," or in challenging John McCain: "The senator ... can't have it both ways. ...

...Typo. I was in the process of editing and checking the completed sample - as is my habit - and you kept jumping in so my thoughts got scrambled ...But ... I stand by what I said.

...Her thoughts went from scrambled to clear after resolving her personal and spiritual conflicts. She could now mentally process issues she hadn't been able

...The team doctor ushered him into the race ambulance, but Stephens refused to go. Though his thoughts were scrambled, he knew clearly enough how much riding his first Giro meant to him, knew too that, at the age of 31, the chance might not come again. No, he was getting back on his bike. (The Independent)

Ну насчет 60.000

Ну насчет 60.000 результатов... достаточно заглянуть хотя бы в их второй десяток, что бы увидеть, что там уже повторяются названия одной и той же песни, слова находятся в разных предложениях и т.д. Дальше релевантность снижается еще больше. Именно это я и увидел.

Но вообще сдаюсь, примеры меня убедили :)