same here

same here (used for saying that you agree or that you have the same feeling) — я тоже, и я также; то же могу сказать о себе

Example 1: "I'm nearly falling asleep." "Same here." — "Я просто на ходу засыпаю." - "(Так и) я тоже."

Example 2: "Rare, please. I don't like well-done meat." "Same here. Two rare steaks."

Example 3: She cut her volume to a stage whisper. "I want you all the time. It's like when we were nineteen. I'm addicted to you." "Yeah," I said. "Same here." "I worry that it'll stop, then I worry that it won't — it's wreaking havoc with my work. I can't stop thinking about you. On a rational level, I know I'm an animal. But there's a place in me that wants to believe love is more than evolutionary biology." ( (Lucius Shepard, "Stars Seen Through Stone")

[you can say that again]
righto (used for saying that you agree with a statement, or you accept a suggestion or an order)