safe and sound

safe and sound (if you are safe and sound, you are not harmed in any way, although you were in a dangerous situation; not hurt) — жив здоров, цел и невредим; целехонек

Example 1: It was a difficult drive but we all arrived safe and sound. (CIDI)

Example 2: After three days of searching for them, the hikers were found safe and sound. (СDAmI)

come to no harm / not come to any harm (to not be hurt or damaged)

Example 1: She was relieved to see the children had come to no harm.— У нее от сердца отлегло, что с детьми все в порядке/ что дети целы и невредимы /что с ними ничего не случилось. (LDOCE)

Example 2: Don't worry, we'll see that the children come to no harm.

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