run-of-the-mill (common, ordinary, or average; typical) — заурядный, ничего из себя не представляющий; ~ ширпотреб; не фонтан; никакой; посредственный

Example 1: The restaurant we went to was nothing special — just run-of-the-mill.

Example 2: There's nothing special about these singers, they're just run of the mill.

Example 3: The service was good, but the food was
run-of-the-mill or worse. — Обслуживание было нормальным, а вот еда очень невыразительная.

This expression alludes to fabrics coming directly from a mill without having been sorted or inspected for quality. It has survived such similar phrases as run of the mine and run of the kiln, for the products of mines and kilns

Related vocabulary:
[ничего особенного]
[garden variety]
"звезд с неба не хватает"