run for life

run for (one's) life (to run away to save one's life) — мчаться, бежать изо всех сил; спасаться бегством

run for your life - спасайся; спасайся кто может!

run for it - спасаться; удирать; мчаться изо всех сил

Example 1: America seems full of people who claim they were victims of child abuse. In a few days, I will attend a conference for thousands of "survivors" who believe they were brainwashed and ritually abused by the CIA when they were children. My favourite is the hugely popular Cathy O'Brian, who says George Bush Snr dressed up in hunting gear, yelled, "Run for your life" and chased her with his rifle through the White House gardens. (

Example 2: Flanked by staff members and security guards, the Education Minister headed into the pack of protesting students, determined not to be swayed or intimidated - for a few seconds at least. Then he turned and ran for it, the staff members obliged to do the same, and made it look as if it was deliberate. (

Example 3: Irishman tells of lucky escape as he ran for his life from rockslide. (

Example 4: Gangster ran for life but gunman ran faster. (

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