run circles around sb

run circles around sb AND run rings around sb (be faster; | be smarter, intellectually quicker and far superior in skills; to outrun or outdo sb) — превосходить; утереть нос, обскакать; заткнуть за пояс, дать сто очков вперед; ~ переплюнуть

Example 1: Mary is a much better racer than any boy in school. She's very fast. She can run circles around any of us. —

Example 2: In physics, Sally could run rings around John any day. — Сэлли могла бы в любой момент дать сто очков вперед Джону по физике.

Example 3: I thought I was fast at my job, but Barbara runs circles around us all. — Я считал, что работаю быстро, но Барбара всем нас за пояс заткнет (работает быстрее всех; любого переплюнет)

Frequency of usage: sometimes

The picture of the tortoise and the hare, where due to the hare's speed he could actually run around the tortoise as they raced and still win.

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