ruffle feathers

ruffle sb's/one's feathers
ruffle a few feathers {infml} (to make someone feel worried or annoyed) — раздражать, сердить, рассердить кого-л., действовать на нервы кому-л.

Example 1: I didn't mean to ruffle Dave's feathers. I just said he didn't understand women.

Example 2: You can imagine how that ruffled Dave's feathers! / You know how to ruffle his feathers.

Example 3: Gloria ruffled the teachers's feathers when she asked the same question again after he'd tried to avoid answering it.

Example 4: When Bucky replied it was obvious that a few feathers remained ruffled. (E. O'Connor, ‘The Edge of Sadness’) — Когда Баки ответил, было ясно, что он еще раздражен. (Кунин)

ruffle sb {often passive} (to make someone feel annoyed, worried or upset, or to make them very nervous) — выводить из себя, доставать (разг.), огорчать, обеспокоить, пр.
syn: fluster sb

Example 1: Don’t let him ruffle you. (MM)

Example 2: Nothing ever seems to ruffle Susan. (OALD)

Example 3: She was obviously ruffled by his question. (OALD)

Example 4: He's easily ruffled by criticism. (CALD)

Example 5: He never gets ruffled, even under pressure. (OALD)

Related vocabulary:


annoy (to make someone feel slightly angry or impatient)

fluster (to make someone feel confused, embarrassed, or nervous)

provoke (to deliberately try to make someone angry)

anger (to make someone feel angry)

bother (to annoy someone by interrupting them when they are busy or want to be left alone)

frustrate (to make someone feel annoyed and impatient by preventing them from doing or getting something)

irritate (to make someone feel annoyed or impatient)

madden (to make someone very angry)

antagonize (to make someone feel angry with you, so that they start to dislike you or have a negative attitude towards you)

infuriate (to make someone extremely angry)

drive someone mad(to make someone feel extremely angry or upset)

smooth sb's/one's ruffled /rumpled feathers — приводить себя (или кого-л.) в порядок, в чувство (= успокаивать); прийти в себя, успокоиться (успокоить кого-л.)