rough around the edges

(be) rough around/round the edges AND have rough edges ({of a person} to lack refinement, polish, manners etc.; be not very polite, educated etc.;|| {of things} not quite finished; to have some parts that are not as good as they should be, but that are not a serious problem) — неотесанный, ...;|| недоделанный, не доведенный до ума; шероховатый, с шероховатостями, с небольшими недоделками, недоработками; нуждающийся в доработке

You might say of a first draft, a website, an article, or a movie that it's a bit rough around the edges, meaning that a bit more has to be done to it before it's quite ready.

Example: The website is almost finished but it's still rough around the edges.

Example: .....

The idiom alludes to an unfinished sculpture where bits haven't been polished.

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