roll with the punches

Roll with the punches (don't fuss, be resilient; minimize the damage; be tough, stick to it through hard times; adjust to difficult events as they happen; be able to deal well with difficulties or criticism; accept a difficult or painful situation)

Example 1: Her brother just died and she's working on repairing her ceiling! She really knows how to roll with the punches, doesn't she? (Samantha)

Example 2: She had to perform shortly after her husband died, but she rolled with the punches and put on a great show. (Samantha)

Example 3: The poor woman has been jeered at and threatened with her life, but she just rolls with the punches.(CIDI © Cambridge University Press 1998)

based on boxing, from the literal meaning roll with the punches (= step back or to one side as you are being hit), so that you do not receive the full force of the attack

~противостоять ударам судьбы
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