roll up one's sleeves

roll up one's sleeves (to get ready to do some (hard) work) — засучить рукава, приготовиться (к работе, борьбе и т. п.)

Example 1: Roll up your sleeves and get busy. This isn’t a picnic. This is work!

Example 2: Let's roll up our sleeves and dig right in. (dig in — to begin to process something; to go to work on something)

Example 3: OK, it's time to roll up our sleeves. We've only got 2 more days till the report has to be ready. Let's get to work!

Example 4: Come on, you guys, get busy. Roll up your sleeves and go to work.(NTC’S Am Idioms Dictionary)

Example 5: The boss told him that if he didn’t roll up his sleeves and get on with some work he would be sacked.