ripple effect

(have) a ripple effect (on sth) (if something has a ripple effect, it affects something else, which then affects other things) — эффект домино; ~ (расходиться, распространяться) как круги на воде; ~ цепная реакция

Example 1: Daniel had once thought justice and closure to be the same thing, that knowing a perpetrator had been caught and punished for his crimes closed the book on a painful chapter in the lives of the victims and their families. Now, hundreds of crimes, victims, and families later, he understood that every crime created a ripple effect, touched lives in ways that could never be measured. Simply knowing evil had been punished wasn't always enough to allow one to move on. (Karen Rose, 'Scream for me')

Example 2: Suddenly one of the Romans at another couch began guffawing, and that had a ripple effect; soon even Pompey was laughing, and then the whole hall was roaring. Poor Father took it as approval and applause for himself, and even bowed. ( Margaret George, "The Memoirs of Cleopatra", 1998)

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