rip sb a new one

rip sb a new one AND tear sb a new one — растерзать (перен.); задать (жару); показать где раки зимуют; порвать на британский флаг; порвать как Тузик грелку (разг.)

Example 1: Man, if you don't shut the hell up, I'm gonna rip you a new one.

Example 2:
Worker One: Man, that was rough.
Worker Two: What happened? Didn't you just get out of that management meeting?
Worker One: Yeah. Stephens really ripped me a new one about the drop in my quarterly sales figures.
Worker Two: That bites.

Example 3: (two teenage siblings)
Nathan: Hey, man? Report card come in.
Joey: Unfortunately.
Nathan: That doesn't sound good.
Joey: Yea, well. The "D" in philosophy won't sit well with mom. Neither will the "C" in history. Everything else is okay, though.
Nathan: If I were you, I'd tell her in advance, otherwise she's gonna rip you a new asshole.

"One" in this expression refers to an asshole/arsehole