ride roughshod

ride roughshod over sth / sb / sb's feelings
run roughshod over sth / sb / sb's feelings

(act without thought for other people's wishes, interests or feelings; to behave in a way that shows you have no respect for someone or something) — идти по головам; не считаться ни с кем/ни с чем, тиранить, действовать деспотически, помыкать, попирать человеческое достоинство

Example 1: You are very much mistaken if you think you can run roughshod over everyone. — Ты очень ошибаешься, если считаешь, что можешь так бесцеремонно идти по головам, ни с кем не считаясь.

Example 2: He cannot be allowed to ride roughshod over his colleagues with his ambitious plans. (CIDI)

Example 3: They have ridden roughshod over human rights. (MM)

Example 4: They accused the government of riding roughshod over parliamentary procedure. (CALD)

Example 5: The WTO can never be democratically reformed since its very purpose was to do the very things it's doing, and to push a model of economic activity that will inevitably run roughshod over the rights of people and nations, causing all manner of environmental and social harms.

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From 'roughshod (horse)' - (лошадь,) подкованная зимними "шипованными" подковами