ride for a fall

ride for a fall (behave in an overconfident way that is likely to lead to trouble; be too sure of yourself; do something dangerous; behave in a manner that is likely to result in something unpleasant)
— напрашиваться на неприятности, действовать неосмотрительно;
~ действовать себе во вред;
~ себе дороже;
~ самому себе яму рыть (контекст.)

Example 1: The student who does not study for exams is riding for a fall.(САмD) — ...сам себе яму роет. Сам себе хуже делает. Это же себе дороже.

Example 2: Bob drives too fast, and he seems too sure of himself. He’s riding for a fall. (8000)

Example 3: Bill needs to eat better and get more sleep. He’s riding for a fall. (AmId-8000)

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