read the riot act

read sb the riot act (to give someone a severe scolding; to speak angrily to someone about something they have done and warn them that they will be punished if they do it again ) — сделать выговор, отчитать; отругать; сделать выволочку

Example 1: The boss read me the riot act for coming in late. — Начальник сделал мне выговор за опоздание.
Example 2: The teacher read the students the riot act for their failure to do their assignments. — Учитель отчитал студентов за то, что не справились с заданием.

The riot act was a law made in 1715 which said how to deal with groups of twelve or more people who were causing trouble.
He'd put up with a lot of bad behaviour from his son and thought it was time to read him the riot act.

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